Catherine M. Stein, PhD

Associate Professor | 216.368.5631 | Wolstein Research Building, 1316


Ph.D. Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, OH. 2004. Dissertation:  Genetic and environmental influences on tuberculosis susceptibility.

Professional Summary

Dr. Stein’s research focuses on complex genetic disorders. Her primary research focus is in the study of genetic and environmental susceptibility to tuberculosis. She is the Genetics Working Group Leader of the Tuberculosis Research Unit and co-PI of the Kawempe Community Health Study, a large household contact study of TB. She also conducts collaborative research in HIV, Rift Valley Fever Virus, and speech-sound disorder. In addition, she is interested in applying multivariate methods, particularly structural equation models, to the joint analysis of related traits, genes, and clinical covariates.

Ongoing Research Projects

Tuberculosis: Examining the influence of epidemiological risk factors, host genetics, microbial genetics, and host immunology on thd development of latent M. tuberculosis infection and active TB disease

Speech-sound disorder: Modeling the relationships of cognitive domains underlying speech-sound disorder, how these predict later outcomes in reading deficiency, and mapping genes underlying both these clinical traits and endophenotypes

Rift Valley Fever Virus: Association studies to examine genes related to RVFV susceptibility, immune response underlying RVFV, and RVFV-associated retinitis

Structural Equation Modeling in Family Data: We have released ‘strum’ software, an R package that implements a generalized framework to conduct SEM analyses in family data based on methodology developed by Dr. Nathan Morris

Recent Publications

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