BHI Learning Master’s Environment


Our students tell us that one-to-one attention and extensive mentoring with faculty is an important part of this on-site, in-person program.

Our classes are taught by CWRU’s highly-regarded faculty, many of whom are recognized as national leaders in their specialties. We emphasize an open-door policy and encourage collaboration with students in our research and professional work, giving students the opportunity to see first-hand how their studies will translate into a real-world career. We take seriously our commitment to cultivating up-and-coming talent and stay in touch with our students, helping them define a personalized career path.

Students have the opportunity to work with faculty and industry leaders who are:

  • Conducting virtual clinical trials drawing from health systems’ electronic health records to analyze and improve prescribing trends
  • Designing research that integrates clinical care and socio-economic data to inform best practices and improve the patient experience
  • Using machine learning with novel imaging data for more precise diagnosis and treatment

 Internship Opportunities

For Master’s students choosing the Plan B track, the culminating experience is a project or internship, which gives them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in preparation for future careers. Our faculty work with – and have colleagues affiliated with – area health systems, research institutes, and biotech companies in the region and across the country. This pragmatic, direct approach starts early in the Master’s program and can help students better define their academic or professional path.

CWRU’s  Enhancing Research and Industry Career Horizons Program (EnRICH) provides additional career guidance and support to Master’s and PhD students pursuing biomedical science degrees through partnerships with organizations and mentors who recognize the skills of CWRU students.

Master’s students choosing the Plan A track do a mentored thesis and tend to focus on research, possibly continuing to a PhD program here or at another institution. Throughout their academic careers, they also will have ample opportunity to collaborate in – and initiate their own – research in multiple settings.