Dr. Mark Cameron leads New HIV Study Site

Dr. Cameron was recently awarded approximately €200,000 over four years for transcriptomic and bioinformatic projects as a site PI for the newly formed EPIICAL Consortium based in Rome, Italy. The program entitled “Early treated Perinatally HIV Infected individuals: Improving Children’s Actual Life”, is composed of 26 partner sites from 12 different countries on 4 continents and is funded by the PENTA Foundation and ViiV Healthcare UK. Dr. Cameron will be using RNA-Seq and integrative bioinformatic analysis to identify novel signatures of immunity in HIV infected children treated early after birth. It is hoped that the international EPIICAL effort will be able to dissect what goes right and what goes wrong in the immune system of children with HIV who respond variably to antiviral treatment using Dr. Cameron’s systems biology approach and data from gene sequence, to gene transcription, to protein, cellular and antibody function.