Hao Harry Feng, Ph.D., MSPH

Assistant Professor

hxf155@case.edu | 216.368.5510 | School of Medicine, Wood Bldg. WG-82T



Ph.D., 2019, Biostatistics, Emory University
M.S., 2018, Biostatistics, Emory University
MSPH, 2013, Biostatistics, Emory University
B.S., 2011, Biosciences, University of Science and Technology of China

Research Interests

My research interests are developing and applying biostatistics and bioinformatics approaches to better understand high-throughput omics data. I utilize epigenetic data to define biomarkers, classify cancer subtypes and predict disease in cell-free DNA. I also collaborate closely with physicians and wet-lab researchers on various projects including cancer, virus, trauma, and neurodegenerative disease studies.

Personal Website


Professional Memberships

American Statistical Association
International Biometric Society – ENAR