Jessica Cooke Bailey, PhD, MA

Assistant Professor | 216.368.4673 | Wolstein Research Building Suite 1313


Ph.D. Molecular Medicine & Translational Science, Wake Forest School of Medicine, 2012
B.S. Biology, Winthrop University, 2008

The Vision/ Goal

To identify areas of increased African ancestry contributing to higher POAG risk.

Recent Publications

  1. Crawford, DC, Lin, J, Cooke Bailey, JN, Kinzy, T, Sedor, JR, O'Toole, JF, Bush, WS. Frequency of ClinVar Pathogenic Variants in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Surveyed for Return of Research Results at a Cleveland Public Hospital. Pac Symp Biocomput 2020; 25 : 575-586. PubMed PMID:31797629 PubMed Central PMC6931908.
  2. Igo, RP Jr, Kinzy, TG, Cooke Bailey, JN. Genetic Risk Scores. Curr Protoc Hum Genet 2019; 104 (1): e95. PubMed PMID:31765077 PubMed Central PMC6941594.
  3. Genetics of Glaucoma in People of African Descent (GGLAD) Consortium, Hauser, MA, Allingham, RR, Aung, T, Van Der Heide, CJ, Taylor, KD, Rotter, JI, Wang, SJ, Bonnemaijer, PWM, Williams, SE, Abdullahi, SM, Abu-Amero, KK, Anderson, MG, Akafo, S, Alhassan, MB, Asimadu, I, Ayyagari, R, Bakayoko, S, Nyamsi, PB, Bowden, DW, Bromley, WC, Budenz, DL, Carmichael, TR, Challa, P, Chen, YI, Chuka-Okosa, CM, Cooke Bailey, JN, Costa, VP, Cruz, DA, DuBiner, H, Ervin, JF, Feldman, RM, Flamme-Wiese, M, Gaasterland, DE, Garnai, SJ, Girkin, CA, Guirou, N, Guo, X, Haines, JL, Hammond, CJ, Herndon, L, Hoffmann, TJ, Hulette, CM, Hydara, A, Igo, RP Jr, Jorgenson, E, Kabwe, J, Kilangalanga, NJ, Kizor-Akaraiwe, N, Kuchtey, RW, Lamari, H, Li, Z, Liebmann, JM, Liu, Y, Loos, RJF, Melo, MB, Moroi, SE, Msosa, JM, Mullins, RF, Nadkarni, G, Napo, A, Ng, MCY, Nunes, HF, Obeng-Nyarkoh, E, Okeke, A, Okeke, S, Olaniyi, O, Olawoye, O, Oliveira, MB, Pasquale, LR, Perez-Grossmann, RA, Pericak-Vance, MA, Qin, X, Ramsay, M, Resnikoff, S, Richards, JE, Schimiti, RB, Sim, KS, Sponsel, WE, Svidnicki, PV, Thiadens, AAHJ, Uche, NJ, van Duijn, CM, de Vasconcellos, JPC, Wiggs, JL, Zangwill, LM, Risch, N, Milea, D, Ashaye, A, Klaver, CCW, Weinreb, RN, Ashley Koch, AE, Fingert, JH, Khor, CC. Association of Genetic Variants With Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma Among Individuals With African Ancestry. JAMA 2019; 322 (17): 1682-1691. PubMed PMID:31688885 .
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  5. Bush, WS, Cooke Bailey, JN, Beno, MF, Crawford, DC. Bridging the Gaps in Personalized Medicine Value Assessment: A Review of the Need for Outcome Metrics across Stakeholders and Scientific Disciplines. Public Health Genomics 2019; 22 (1-2): 16-24. PubMed PMID:31454805 PubMed Central PMC6752968.
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